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Corporate Coach and Trainer specializing in mental health and resilience, mind-body health and positive psychology for peak performance.

"My entrepreneurial spirit, love of people and passion for health are the drivers behind everything that I do" 


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L. Kennedy

Meeting Marie for the first time yesterday was such a positive, uplifting and informative evening. She had a wealth of knowledge on neuro-linguistics and I really enjoyed learning from her. From gut health, diet and exercise, to breathing techniques and mindfulness, she taught us how important it is to be healthy, both inside and out. It was particularly special to meet Marie during mental health awareness week as we talked about stress, anxiety and body image. She reminded me to be aware of the beliefs I’ve carried with me since childhood - good and bad - and the importance of affirming positive thoughts day to day. 

S. Johnson

My coaching session with Marie was fantastic. In just two hours we worked though the major obstacles that were holding me back from making the change that I needed in my professional and personal life. Marie is an insightful coach who holds the space well, creating a safe environment that enabled me to see new perspectives, gain clarity, understand myself more deeply and arrive at meaningful actions and next steps. I would recommend her to anyone seeking personal or professional support.


I thought it was an absolutely inspiring, uplifting and very relatable talk which is very relevant in society today and which I strongly believe everyone should be aware of! It all stars from inside out. I could have stayed for hours talking- a very interesting focus on the mind, body and spirit and how deeply strong they are connected. I actually went home lastnight very happy and woke up in a great mood. (I’m personally definitely doing a course in nutrition after the summer!) it was a lovely evening! Thanks so much again